aluminium, glas, rubber


ø 26cm H 20 cm


electronics: Florian Stör

photo:  Ivo Hofsté


Ein und Zwanzig Award First Price

German Design Award Nominee

Pure Talents Award Finalist

Gradient is a light projection that mimics the sun coming trough a window. The light color and geometry changes slightly, almost unconsciously in relation to time. The project aims to build a bridge between the outside and inside. 

Since industrialisation, people spend ever more time indoors. Today 90 % of our routines happens inside with little natural light. 

The intensity of natural light can almost be replicated with Led or Oled technology. However daylight as a natural phenomena is not constant. It changes its colour and intensity depending on time, weather and the architecture of the place.

In future more and more people will live in super cities. Due to the lack of space buildings are raising which implies less sunlight for surrounding space. How will the lack of light affect the human body? How will we connect to nature?